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Mongolian Cave research association established in January 27, 2007 and have been cooperating with the International Union of Speleology since 2007. Mongolian Cave Research association cooperatively made research with Cave Researcher’s association of La Venta, Italy in Khentii range in 2007, with Cave Researchers of France and Sweden in Khangai range and Gobi Altai and with Cave Researchers of Japan and Korea in Khuvsgul Mountains then have been cooperatively making research with Cave researchers of England and Russia in Mongolian Gobi since 2010 and with Cave researchers of Oxford University in Kherlen Basin. From 2010 to 2011 invested the Taliin Cave in Sukhbaatar province and made complete research of Taliin Cave then take a measurement to protect and furnish.

Mongolian cave research work had been started since 1930. A.D. Simukov researched the Gurvan Zeerd cave and left his written records about the origin, morphometer, some reference of morphology and finds of the cave.

Geographer O. Namnandorj researched Khiod Tsenkher caves in 1951 and firstly explored the rock painting then published the picture. This activity became famous the Mongolian Caves to the World.

In 1986 E. Avirmed and P.Tsolmon produced the safety instruction of cave research and journey they also made the norm and standard to ranks of caving sport. Those were the great contribution and base for the development of cave research.

B. Avirmed, E. Avirmed, D. Dash, O.Sukhbaatar and D. Enkhbayar made the first research of cave  in Soogt cave /72.5 m depth/ and wrote research report on the occasion of making climate period research work.

In 1989 the second Expedition group made the research in caves of Dundgobi, Umnogobi and Dornogobi provinces on the occasion of making research work of desertification, in 1990 the third Expedition group made the research in caves of Uvurkhangai, Gobi-Altai, Uvs, Zavkhan, Arkhangai and Bulgan provinces for a month on the occasion of making the research of Natural Epidemic decease and fourth Expedition group made research in Tsagaan Del cave in 1991.

In 1996 the sixth Expedition researched the Bayanlig Tsagaan Cave of Bayankhongor province by the investment of “Gazar Holding” LLC, in 1997 the seventh expedition group researched Dayandeerkh cave by the investment of “Gazar Trade” LLC, in 1998 the eighth Expedition group went to Dariganga, Naran, Ongon soums of Sukhbaatar province and researched the Taliin cave and Bayandulaan cave which has volcanic origin by investment of “Gazar Trade” LLC.

In 1988-1998 researched 100 caves in 16 province such as Soogt cave of Khentii province, Taliin cave and Bayandulaan caves of Sukhbaatar province, Tsagaan del, Shar Khanan and Khetsuu teeg caves of Dornogobi province, Ikh and Baga stone, Khevtee and Bosoo caves of Dundgobi province. And researchers made the research report and gave passport to 50 caves.

Cave research work have been stopped from 1998 to 2007.

Hand books, tens of memoirs and the speeches of international assembly was published such as “Cave of Mongolia  ” (2009), “Taliin agui” (2012),  “Cave speleothem”, one topic paper “Cave” (1986),  all about the Caves of Mongolia.  

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