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Taliin Cave

Taliin cave located in territory Dariganga sum, Sukhbaamar province, at 45°.35'.25,00" N and 114°.30'.02,06" E. The entrance situated on steppe, consists of one main corridor, extent to 240 м, whit an average width 8.58 m, average height of  7.0 m, total volume 12000 m3 , total square 1700m2. It is the longest of caves from volcanogenicorigins. The cave bottom is covered by an ice crust. First chamber is 45,6m length.Farther four  big chamber continued from first chamber.The chambers width are  in very widely part reach 30m, very low part   reach 1, 4m.Taliin cave located1250m above sea level. Taliin cave is formed in  of the Quaternary basaltic  rocks of  the Cenozoic  period.

(Avirmed.E.Taliin cave. UB. 2011. p 122-125)

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