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Tsagaandeliin Cave

The Tsagaandeliin cave located in territory Airag sum  of  the Easterngobi province at 45°.37'.31,9" N and 109°.06. '25,4" E.  The input in her was formed as a result of the explosive works in career on extraction the fluorite, being nearby from a cave. The cave consists the main 4 corridors and 2 halls, The sizes rather big: more 1км,  whit an average  width 5.9 m, average height of  9,5 m,total volume 43643 ,0 m3,total square.In some corridors it is possible to see quartzite crystals, and also ice stalactite formation

In this cave have done detailed research in 1989 and 1991.                                                      

(Avirmed.E. Cave of  Mongolia. UB.2008. p 112-119)

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