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Amarbayasgalant Monastery

The second largest Buddhist monastery in Mongolia, the ‘Monastery of tranquil felicity’, is located near the Selenge River. The Manchu empire Yongzheng built the monastery between 1727 and 1737, and dedicated it to Zanabazar, Mongolia’s first Bogd Gegeen (sacred king who ruled the country by the Buddhist teachings) and a famous artist and the inventor of the vertical Mongolian script. Amarbayasgalant Monastery is one of the few monasteries in Mongolia to survive from the purge of the 1930’s, although many religious items were looted by the communists. Restoration of this historic site began in 1975, and was completed in 1998.
There are currently around 50 monks living in the monastery. The nearby Burengiin mountain range and surrounding fields of grass and wildflowers make this monastery is one of the most attractive destination in Mongolia. Visitors to Amarbayasgalant praise the beauty of the complex and the surrounding area, which is perfect for camping.

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