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Western Altai Mountain Range

The snow-capped peaks of the imposing Altai Mountains, the highest reaching over 4000m above sea level, dominate the landscape of western Mongolia. This is one of the wettest region in the country, with countless lakes, glaciers, springs, streams dotted throughout the mountain and green valleys. It is spectacular summit, covered in glaciers, and the home of the snow leopard. The Altai Mountain which belongs to the province of Bayan Ulgii is particularly attractive to mountain and rock climbers, who come from all over the world to scale the heights of Tavan Bogd, the highest peak in Mongolia (4374m). There are around 35 glaciers from Tavan Bogd, including the 20 kilometers long Botanin Glacier. West of Tavan Bogd is the 12 kilometers long Perzevalski Glacier. There are Sergal and Dayan lakes are great opportunities hiking. Mongolia’s largest ethnic minority, the Kazakhs, live in Bayan Ulgii province and continue to uphold their ancient traditions such as hunting with eagles and weaving intricate wall hangings.

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