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Khoit Tsenkheriin cave

Khoit Tsenkheriin cave, the longest cave of the Mongol Altai mountain chain. The cave is formed in the limestone of the Proterozoic period. This cave is located 25 kilometers southwest of Mankhan sum Khovd province, at 47°20'50.5" N and  91°57'24.1" E,  along the Khoit Tsenkher River.Khoit Tsenkheriin cavehas two branches. The main passage is 130m and 90m.

Khoit Tsenkher cave is famous  rock paintings. Rock paintings of the Khoit Tsenkher cave date back to the Upper Palaeolithic period (20,000-15, 000 years ago).The detailed description of rock paintings in 1966 the Mongolo-Soviet historical and cultural expedition under the direction of росийского the archeologist of professor A.P.Okladnikova.

In one of corners of the cave measuring 2.5 m high and 1.5-2.0 m deep, numerous symbols and animals were painted overlapping each other on the ceiling and wall. Lions, elephants, argali sheep, ibexes, ostriches, antelopes, camels, as well as symbols were painted with mineral-based paints of rosy and brown colors on the walls deep inside the cave. Some particular parts of the animals such as their horns, necks, humps are depicted with an exaggerated hyper-realism typical of the Palaeolothic period.

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