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Gurbanzeerdiin Cave

Gurbanzeerdiin cave located in territory Khanbogd sum, Umnogobi province, at 42°.32'.15"  N and 107°.21'.26,4" E.This cave is formed in the limestone of the Proterozoic period.The large cave of this region Gurvanzeerdiin cave.

Width of  cave entrance 0.9m, height 2m, total depth 21m. It is a cave combined type, karst origins. In this cave have  done detailed research in 1989 and 2010.

For the first time it visited A.D.Simukov, which noted that the arches of corridors and halls were covered with soot, that provide  to the fact that the cave for a long time use temporary refuge for the man. The numerous dried remains of different animals were found on the bottom: hedgehogs, birds, snakes, lizards. The dried corpse of man was found.

(Avirmed.E. Cave of Mongolia. UB.2008. p 127-129)

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