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Terelj national park

The Park is situated at 70kms, northeast of Ulaanbaatar. It takes nearly two hours drive from the capital.

The park lies at 1600 meters high and offers great opportunities for hiking, horse riding and rock climbing. The landscape is similar to the Alp’s. It is a national park which started to develop since 1960's and officially was designed as a National Park in 1994. Inside the park, there are ranges of protected animals such as birds (250 species), moose, and bears. As it is become developed for tourism, some of the Ger camps have car parking and electricity. Most of the tourist camps work only summer seasons, a few of them operate whole year around.
The Turtle Rock, as known as Melkhi Khad by the locals, is massive rock formation looks like a turtle.  The Turtle Rock is the main image of the national park. Beside that you may discover many interesting rock formations from huge Rocky Mountains of the Terelj. 

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