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Khorgo and Terkhi White lake National Park

Khorgo Mountain is a dormant volcano located on the east Shore of White Lake. Khorgiin togoo is in the highest volcano crater in the Orkhon River Valley. From the summit of this basalt-covered mountain one has a splendid view over the whole region and the lake. The volcanic crater of the Togoo Uul is 200m wide and 100m deep. The volcano crater of the Togoo Uul is covered with Siberian Larch. One of the most interesting sights of Khorgo is the so-called Basalt Ger, which lies on the southern side. It is a large solidified bubble of lava with a broken piece on one side, which makes a natural door. The height of some of these stone gers is 1.7m. Several other ancient volcanoes are not far from the Khorgo. Lake Terkhiin Tsagaan was formed when volcano lava dammed the Suman River, cutting a large gorge through the basalt. It is an astonishingly beautiful lake, 20km long, 16km wide and 4 to 10 meters deep with an altitude of 2,060m above sea level.

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