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Dayandeerkhiin Cave

Dayandeerkhiin cave located  from Tsagaan-uur sum 50 km, Erdenebulgan sum 80 km, Khubsugul province,  at 50°32' 55''N and 101°58'53''E, from Ulaanbaatar city 715 km.  Dayandeerkhiin caveis formed in the limestone mountain, the entrancesituated 1380m altitude above sea level.

Dayandeerkhiin Cave are the two-storied cave having 3 entrance, is a lot of halls and corridors-branches. The underground cavity abounds with stalactites and stalagmites.  In ceilings  of first  floor  11m with  narrow vertical canal  get to halls of the second floor.

The length investigated the main passage 224m, total volume 3077.0 m3, total square 379.5m3.In this cave have done detailed research in 1.8.1998 .

(Avirmed.E. Cave of  Mongolia. UB.2008.p 78-84)

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