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Khustai Nuruu Protected Area (Wild Ass)

The Takhi, last wild horse in the world, well known as the Przewalski horse had gone from vast steppe of central Asia since 1960’s. Since that time Takhi was lived in the zoo parks around the world. Year 1992 was a new stage of Wild horse’s life and its history.  Khustai national park was established in order to host reintroduction project of Takhi in 1993.  Currently project is running successfully and takhis are re-habiting in the wild nature. The landscape ranges from grassland steppe to forest steppe, and dawn and dusk are the best times for visitors to see the wild asses, wild animals such as deer, fox and gazelle. Within the reserve there are a number of ancient Turkic thumbs and man stone. There is Moltsog sand and the Ongot archaeological complex is nearby.

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