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Tsagaan Cave

The Tsagaan cave located in territory Bayanlig sum  of  the Bayankhongor province  at 44°42'43,3'' N and  101°10'13,4''E. Khoit Tsenkher cave is famous stone artifacts.

The entrance of the cave faces to the southwest and sunshine lightens the cave entrance and the main chamber at midday. The total length of the cave is 38 meters, the width of the cave entrance is 5.3 m., in the middle of the cave the width totals up to 7 m., and the height of the entrance in the middle is 4.6 m. The floor of the cave ascends from the entrance and continues a further 7-8 meters. Deep in the cave, the floor is relatively flat.

Tsagaan Agui is formed from limestone and is rich in calcium carbonate crystals. Humans presumably used TsagaanAgui cave in different ways as suggested by the remains of their activity, including petroglyphs andpictographs.

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